We bring together what belongs together:
service, quality and reliability.

The FIDI® product portfolio presents machinery and equipment for highest demands in all areas of solvent recycling, waste water treatment, processing process water as well as cleaning spray guns and tools – professional, cost-efficient, sustainable. In addition to this it presents high-quality heat- and solvent-resistant foils and recbags made of polyamide. These are used in various industries and fields of production as well as for medical engineering.

FIDI®’s roots clearly are to be found in all fields of solvent recycling solutions. In addition to this the FIDI® portfolio deals with challenges and problem solving in the areas of waste water treatment in the water varnish sector, as well as processing process water (for example, defatting). The range of excellent quality products is completed by a comprehensive selection of solutions for cleaning spray guns, tools and other equipment.

We offer expert knowledge and know-how for thousands of distillers and machines currently being operated in the segments of surface technology, pharmacy, printing industry, varnish manufacturers and fabricators, handcraft and various other areas of application.

In very close and regular exchange with our customers, concepts and optimal solutions are developed and implemented with respect to individual requirements and local conditions.

Our goal for our customers is conserving precious resources while optimizing costs.

Spray Gun and Tool Washers

Solvent and Water Recycling

Heat-Resistant Foils-Bags / Recbags