Trend-setting express cleaning station specially qualified for intermediate cleaning of paint spray guns with gravity feed system (RPS, PPS). The gun center allows an extremely safe change of colours and quick, economic working. Ergonomic constructed cleaning station completely made out of robust STAINLESS STEEL.

  • Completely robust STAINLESS STEEL version
  • 2 outputs make it possible to use solvent and aqueous cleaner at the same time
  • Hardwearing cleaning brushes for cleaning of the air flap
  • Shop air for blow out or spraying gun
  • Little wastage of solvent and cleaner. With 2 liters of cleaner approx. 150 guns can be cleaned
  • 2 blowout openings prevent spray mist
  • Range of use in spray booth or in preparation area
  • Safe and quick change of colours in approx. 20 seconds when used in the spray booth
  • No suction needed

measurements: (L x W x H)  ca. 360 x 240 x 805 mm
weight: 11 kg
shop air: 6 – 10 bar