Heat pump evaporators

WT…HP-S Mono-block units –
heating with immersed serpentine

  • For the treatment of non-encrusting liquids
  • For oil-water emulsions with concentrations < 20%
  • For waste streams from die-casting an industrial degreasing

WT…HP-R Mono-block units –
Heating with external serpentine, Scraped boiler

  • Versatile units for the treatment of a wide variety of liquids and particular for encrusting liquids
  • The scraper favours the heat exchange and the concentration of high particulate residues, avoiding the encrusting of zhe heating surface
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact dimensions design

These units can be assemble with optional concentrators on the residue outlet for maximum concentration of the process residue.

WT…HP-CF Modulare maschines –
with forced circulation

Units with Modular design: Evaporator Heating Condensation.
Constant circulation of the product to be treated in high-
efficiency expansion chamber.

  • For high hourly throughput
  • For waste streams with a density <1,25 kg/liter and
    suspended solids concentrations <20%
  • Reduced sensitivity to foam formation
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance
  • Low energy consumption

When higher residue concentrations have to be achieved, these units can be asembled with units of the HP-R series.