Accessories for solvent and waste water recycling

Lock ring

  • To fixate the recbags at the edge of the boiler, so the bag cannot collapse while filling

Thermal-Oil for FIDI distilling apparatuses

  • 5 + 20 liter trading unit

Non-stick agent

  • To make the cleaning easier
  • we recommend using it also when recbags are used. It minimizes the bonding at bottom and sides of the boiler.
  • Economical in usage

Vacuum equipment type V1

  • Recommended for solvent with high boiling point or with low ignition temperatur
  • Pneumatisch mit Druckdifferenzschalter zur Einsparung von Preßluft.


  • Plastic – bleeds off potential static – UN 3H1/Y1.5/150
  • 30 liter
    (length x width x height) 365 x 240 x 450mm
  • 60 Liter
    (length x width x height) 400 x 335 x 630mm

Collecting tank

  • Material AISI 430/EN 1.4016
  • Especially for our distiller units 
  • Different sizes

Container sealing plug

  • Contains of HDPE
  • With hose feed-through

Container industrial line, stainless

  • Different equipment: – Filling
    Level controlling
    Safety levels

Cover gaskets

  • Standard gasket (black)
  • Acetone gasket (grey)
  • TEFLON gasket (white)

Sight glass in lid with wiper

  • For process control 2 sight glasses in lid of boiler
  • One of them with wiping system

Defoamer type LM

  • Use is recommended when foaming solvents are treated
  • Extremely high effectiveness
  • Addition depends on product (foam) 1-3 %
  • Silicone-free

Defoamer type WA

  • Use is recommended when foaming detergents (mostly  water varnish) are treated
  • High effectiveness
  • Addition depends on product (foam) 1-5 %
  • Silicone-free

Full view safety goggles

  • Very robust model
  • with comfort fit
  • also designed for wearers of glasses and/or protective respirators.