“SAFETY neo Gown“ (formerly TEFFY)

Our gown SAFETY neo KITTEL is just like coverall SAFETY neomade of a lint-free polyester filament, with a CARBON YARN woven into it in order to bleed off potential static.

The fabric complies with EN 1149-1. For safety reasons the fabric of the gown is inflammable and is EN ISO 14116:2008 index 1 (former EN533) conform. In addition, the gown is prepared with dirt- and water-repellent TEFLON-finishing.

The GOWN TEFFY is functionally equipped with:
Hidden selvedge (including velcro fastener), 1 stitched-on breast pocket, 2 stitched-on front pockets, cuffs with elastic band, velcro fastener at the collar. The gown is equipped with a hood. The hood can be turned inside the gown which still leaves the stand-up collar for protection.

The outstanding features of this gown are its:

  • Breathability and that it is extremely comfortable to wear
  • Antistatic, free of silicone, washable and it can be ironed
  • The gown is available in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) Standard length: approx. 105 cm
  • Bicolour: light grey / dark grey

Sewing methods 
Piped seam (Bound Seam) – tighter, stronger, fantastic

This sewing method which is applied to style SAFETY neo + SAFETY neo KITTEL makes all the difference regarding the tightness and the tearing strength. After several tests we have decided to use the piped seams as they are the most solid and trust-worthiest ones. The seam piping is an additional seam at the seam edge and therefore an efficient covering. The seam is stronger because it is doubled. The extra fabric which is used for the piping is texture with carbon yarn, it ensures that even after many washings  it still bleeds off potential static.

Hood with buttons for models „SAFETY neo“ and „SAFETY neo GOWN“

Available for all models SAFETY neo and SAFETY neo Gown (optional).
Druckknopfsystem für einen perfekten Sitz

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AntistaticStandard DIN EN 1149-1:2006 and DIN EN 1149-3:2004, official carried out valuation standard DIN EN 1149-5:2008
InflammableStandard EN ISO 14116:2008 (former EN 533) Index 1
Breathable fabricinvestigation of water vapor permeability
(Ret-figure = 2.37 m² Pa/W = extremely breathable)
Change of measurementStandard EN ISO 5077:2008 / EN ISO 6330

Additionally to these qualities the overalls are dirt-and water-repellant with Teflon-finishing. We offer products of excellent quality while maintaining maximum cost-efficiency.

Being at home within this sensible field of explosion prevention and solvent recycling we have deliberately expended the effort.

The fabric of the styles SAFETY neo + SAFETY neo KITTEL + PROFESSIONAL is
examined by:

  STFI (institution for certification of safety garment)
  HOHENSTEIN Institute