Cat. III, Typ 5B-6B

  • White disposable coverall with microporous coating of category III, type 5B + 6B, available in 3 sizes (L, XL, XXL), made of high-quality materials
  • Type 5B: dust-tight, particle-tight (EN ISO 13982-1:2004), Type 6B: limited spray-tight  (EN ISO 13034:2005)
  • Characteristics: electrostatic characteristics / antistatic (EN 1149-5:2008), protection against radioactive particles (EN 1073-2:2002), protection agains infection risks (EN 14126:2003)
  • Designed for effective protection especially against overspray during spray painting and against splashes of chemical products as well as dusts and particles during sanding
  • Antistatic and lint-free, equipped with a hood, elastic standard cuffs and a zipper
  • Comfort fit, skin-friendly and lightweight material
  • For use in the industrial and crafts sectors as well as for DIY work, especially for spray painting

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