FIDI-PROTECT Soft Nitrile Gloves

This product is a premium-quality nitrile protective glove (chemical and paint protection) which has been designed along the requirements published by the German Employer‘s Liability Insurance Association (“BG”) for painters.

The gloves comply with a number of standards amongst others EN 374-3 and are thus classified as high-tech disposable chemical protective gloves. Accordingly, the gloves have been tested with various chemicals and are labeled with the Erlenmeyer flask icon referring to the tested chemicals and substances.

Fields of Use

  • Industrial and crafts sectors, especially in painting and varnishing industry
  • Cleaning and maintenance sector
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Chemical industry
  • Electronic and computer industry


The gloves excel in electrostatic conductive characteristics. Ultimately, the results of various field tests emphasize their durability when in contact with solvents, their high tear strength as well as their user-friendly total length of approx. 30cm (tip of the middle finger to the cuff edge).

  • High-quality nitrile protective gloves (chemical and paint protection) with a material thickness of 0.2mm and a total length of approx. 30cm (tip of the middle finger to the cuff edge), for single-use only;
  • Best possible skin protection, especially during painting jobs as well as for processing chemicals, varnishes, paints and solvents
  • Increased chemical protection (DIN 374-2 + 374-3), improved tear strength (DIN EN 388)
  • Latex, silicone and powder-free, antistatic (EN 1149) and conductive (EN 61340-5-1)
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity due to a special fingertip structure; safe grip and non-slip properties due to effective micro-textured fingertips
  • Outstanding wearing comfort, perfect fit, skin-friendly material
  • Easy and clean to remove from the convenient dispenser box

Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Packaging 1 box = 50 pcs.
Weight 1 box = 0,70 kg
Colour anthracite