E-D-TACK-CLOTH Full Cover – Waved

  • High-quality cloth made of a waved cotton-viscose composite (natural colored), multi-layered, one-sidedly sewn, soft and non-slip surface; impregnated
  • Specifically designed for use with conventional coating systems; still suitable for all types of paints
  • Medium-tack; non-drying, antistatic, wax and silicone-free,
    skin-tolerant and non-toxic
  • For long-lasting dust removal before varnishing and painting works as well as in industrial cleaning
  • Single packed
Step 1:
Remove the E-D-TACK-CLOTH from its packaging.
Step 2:
Unfold it completely.
Step 3:
Form a soft, loose and smooth ball out of the unfolded E-D-TACK-CLOTH.
Step 4:
Hold the ball in your hands as shown in order to assure that hands and fingertips are fully covered.
Step 5:
Carefully slide the E-D-TACK-CLOTH over the surface without any pressure and without any rubbing. All dust and dirt particles are fully removed from the surface and are sustainably kept in the tacky mesh.