SUCTION FEED SPRAY GUN for booth protection

  • High-performance and solid spray gun with a Ø 3.0mm nozzle and a connector for use with all common suction feed cups made of plastic or metal
  • Needle, air valve and nozzle are made of stainless steel
  • Especially intended for use with E-D-TACKY-COATING, E-D-STRIPPABLE-COATING “W”, E-D-PEELABLE-COATING “T”, E-D-PEELABLE-COATING “W” and E-D-OVEN-COATING as well as with other solvent or water-based liquids; easily attachable to the compressed air supply and pressure tank
  • Perfect for use with the PRESSURE TANK SYSTEM for booth protection
  • For use in the industrial and crafts sectors, especially for spray painting