PRESSURE TANK SYSTEM for booth protection

  • High-performance pressure tank made of steel with a manual stirring device, available in three sizes (10 liters, 20 liters, 40 liters), mounted on four wheels with a convenient handle bar for easy transport; max. pressure: 4.1 bar
  • Especially intended for use with E-D-TACKY-COATING, E-D-STRIPPABLE-COATING “W”, E-D-PEELABLE-COATING “T”, E-D-PEELABLE-COATING “W” and E-D-OVEN-COATING as well as with other solvent or water-based liquids; easily attachable to the compressed air supply and the spray gun
  • Equipped with a dual control regulator (air pressure, material pressure), safety valve, removable inner container made of aluminum as well as four wing screws for safe and air-tight sealing of the lid
  • A hose pair of 7.5m in length is only included as a standard feature in the „small“ version (10 liters)
  • For use in the industrial and crafts sectors, especially for spray painting